Artist Statement

"In my opinion true art causes dialogue with the deeper emotions of the one who receives it. It is not narrow and patronizing but invites unrehearsed discovery and contemplation. It catches us off guard and causes us to lay aside our prejudgments, what we think we know. In our modern age we are so burdened with information with it's easy access that I am afraid that we have forgotten how to feel. Images in art move us as well as give the artist a way to communicate an idea that often times supersedes spoken language. Its stirs and awakens in it's honest expression."


"Art is the deepest language because it is the language of the heart."


"Creating a piece of art is only half the circle. When someone receives it into their heart the circle is completed."


"Painting such a deeply provocative subject of Native American history is both a privilege and a challenge. So many times history is reduced to ink on paper. Depicting Native American history through art on the other hand is transcending; dialoging with the viewer on a deeply emotional level. Art is what connects us to our humanity".


"Where language fails, art speaks."


"Every face has it's own road map and as an artist I have to carefully navigate and follow every nuance and curve or I'll miss my final destination which of course is the story behind in the face."