About The Artist

The art of David Behrens is distinct, heartfelt and instantly recognizable. His style of painting blends realism, concept and imagination all built around provocative portions of Native American history and culture. "Art has always been a natural extension of who I am, a flow that has coursed through me as far back as I can remember". Seeing his talent for art as a gift, and a gift by definition is something that cannot be earned but only received, David feels that being an artist is both a privilege and an immense responsibility. Bearing this truth within himself David shares "I believe the goal of every one of my paintings is to let the story, the emotion, the mystic fire move through me and into the painting." Elaborating further David adds "The concepts and statements I weave in to my paintings are so much bigger than I am. The feelings I give voice to are not just my own but in a sense my paintings echo a collective consciousness, articulate a deeper truth and emotes for the hearts of many. I am always humbled when I am aware this is happening. There is a certain healing energy that flows through art, as if God was whispering his kindness to a weary soul."


David received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from East Carolina University's School of Art in 1992. While attending the art program there David took several classes with his favorite and most demanding professor Ray Elmore. David was transfixed with his professors pencil rendered portraits of Native Americans. They moved and inspired David so much that he began to delve into the research of Native American history, took Native American Studies as an elective and began to dream about how he might reflect all that he learning into his artwork. Slowly images and feelings surfaced in Davids imagination and one by one, vision to concept to painting, stirring pieces of art started to emerge. Starting  from those early days to the present Davids paintings continue to touch people with his unique and honest approach to retelling the personal stories hidden within the history of Americas first people.


David lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Marybel and their four children. David's gallery Painted Sky is located in Old Town Albuquerque where he showcases his art as well as unique and handcrafted Native American pottery, jewelry and gifts.