First Flight

It is fascinating to witness an artist transform an empty canvas into a breathtaking painting or a musician take a lifeless instrument and pull exquisite melody and rhythm from it. The idea of something so wonderful coming from seemingly nowhere has awed and inspired the heart of man through the ages. But at its core, the true essence of artistic expression is only an attempt to try to capture the echo of that which has already been created. When an artist or a musician is asked "when do you truly feel most alive?" without hesitation he would respond, "when I am in the process of creating," This feeling itself, whether one is aware of it or not, is inherited from the original artist himself, the Creator.

Imagine at the beginning of time you were a spectator in the Creators workshop. You see Him reach into the void, pull out an idea, ignite it with His imagination and start to meticulously form and fashion it with His fingertips. Totally focused and enraptured in the moment, He first creates light then sky and water. Trees, vegetation, moon and sun. Soon the waters are filled with living creatures. Then, He pauses and slowly proceeds. A wing. An eye. A talon. The first raptor. Then according to their species, one by he bursts into flight from His palm. The first flight. The first dawn. The exhilaration of God.

"And God said, .. let the birds fly above the earth and across the expanse of the sky."
-Genesis 1:20