Canyon Weaver

The Grand Canyon is rightfully listed as one of the seven greatest wonders of the world. It's sheer width and girth is enough to take one's breath away. It's spectrum of color changes subtly throughout the day, crescendoing into what appears to be the canyon absorbing the very sunset itself.

The Native American communities surrounding the Grand Canyon continue to practice the traditions passed on to them from their ancient ancestors. Represented among these tribes are the Navajo, Havasupai, Hualapai, Kaibab-Paiute and Hopi. The handwork of these people reflects their culture, beliefs and spirituality. Whether it is the Havasupai basketry, Hopi pottery or Navajo weavings one can see easily the created world reflected in symbolism, color and pattern. The voice of the people can be heard through their art. It speaks of the timeless grandeur and enduring beauty of the Grand Canyon.

*Special acknowledgement to Ray Manley for his timeless photography. Steve Getzwiller for his work with Navajo weavers, and Ellen Smith, Navajo weaver, for lending her talented hands to this image.

Steve Getzwiller continues to work with the Navajo and offer their works of art for sale. To learn more log onto