Grandfather Earth

Native Americans have always believed that the earth beneath their feet was sacred. Every river, canyon and forest was evidence to them that He, Creator was near. The ideas that they were stewards of creation was etched in their bones. To take and never give back to the earth as to show distain for the Great Spirit.

The lives lived by the first nations people was done so by a code of honor. This was portrayed by the way a tribe would revere their elders and chieftains. The consummation of the experiences, wisdom and insight of the old ones was a deep well in which to draw from. All the people profoundly benefited from this symbiotic relationship.

It is ingrained in tribal peoples to carefully study all the nuances of creation. From weather patterns to the migration of birds and animals, Native Americans learned to live in harmony with the land. So it is very natural for them to have a deep respect for the land because it provided for their physical needs as well as taught them spiritual principles. The current of reverence that flowed across a thousand generations still reaches the people of Grandfather Earth today.