Artist Proofs

An Artist Proof is an elite part of a Limited Edition Lithograph series. Normally low in number, my Artist Proofs never represent more than 10% of my total edition.  I personally inscribe “A/P” in the lower left hand side of the Artist Proof as well as hand sign each print of the edition. These Artist Proofs are created before the limited editions are put to press and are intricately inspected by myself to assure that the color, contrast and clarity accurately match my original painting.  At the time that an Artist Proof is purchased by a collector a certificate of authenticity  along with a story about painting is shipped to the customer.  In addition I also include a personal remarque with every Artist Proof. These special editions can be purchased as the print only or can be purchased beautifully matted and framed by my master framer. The Artist Proof editions are the rarest and most valuable of my Lithograph series and are highly sought after by serious collectors.