Flags Of Our Fathers

The image of an American flag rippling in the wind brings an intense feeling of patriotism, a swelling pride in all this country stands for. But at a closer more honest look the history of this land belongs to America’s first sovereign nations. Truth be told there were already a united states before 1492, made up of individual tribes, governed by chiefs, elders, matriarchs and patriarchs. Each of these tribes were distinct, shaped by their ancient traditions and the rhythm of their homelands.

Native Americans flags are a window into a beautiful yet largely overlooked culture. The vibrant colors and traditional symbols speak uniquely to the history of each tribe. Loyalty to flag is something Native Americans have always held in highest esteem. In fact, despite being dishonored by our government by countless broken treaties Native Americans have served in the military in a higher capacity than any other ethnic group in our nation. Through their eyes they see many older flags under one star studded, striped flag. The flags they fly are for their ancestors and their children alike. Long may she wave.