Collector's Guide

Artist Proof

An Artist Proof is an elite part of a Limited Edition Lithograph series. Normally low in number, my Artist Proofs never represent more than 10% of my total edition.  I personally inscribe “A/P” in the lower left hand side of the Artist Proof as well as hand sign each print of the edition. These Artist Proofs are created before the limited editions are put to press and are intricately inspected by myself to assure that the color, contrast and clarity accurately match my original painting.  At the time that an Artist Proof is purchased by a collector a certificate of authenticity  along with a story about painting is shipped to the customer.  In addition I also include a personal remarque with every Artist Proof. These special editions can be purchased as the print only or can be purchased beautifully matted and framed by my master framer. The Artist Proof editions are the rarest and most valuable of my Lithograph series and are highly sought after by serious collectors.


Limited Edition Lithograph

A limited edition lithograph is a reproduction of my original oil painting that I have translated into a series of high quality collector prints. To assure that the final lithograph captures the fire of my original art there is much effort and attention devoted by my lithographer to capture the precise color, clarity and detail of my original painting. After that period of scrutinizing and adjustments are complete along with my final approval, my lithographer will then put the prints to press.  When the print run is commenced I take the time to personally number and hand sign each lithograph. Following the printing of each edition the printing plates are destroyed  to insure that no additional copies of the image can be produced. At the time that a lithograph is purchased by a collector a certificate of authenticity along with a story about painting is shipped to the customer. In addition I also include a personal remarque with every Lithograph.  Limited Editions can be purchased as the print only or can be purchased beautifully matted and framed by my master framer. The Limited Edition Lithographs are very valuable part of my print offerings and are a solid way to start collecting my art.


Giclee Print

The term "giclee" refers to the next level in printmaking technology. In the giclee printing process images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas and fine art paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than traditional offset printing. The quality of the giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.  Adding to the value of these editions I include a personal remarque with each Giclee Print.  These can be purchased as the print only or can be purchased beautifully matted and framed by my master framer. I began offering my art in this format several years ago and since my Giclee Editions are relatively lower in number that my traditional Limited Editions Lithographs they have become very popular among my collectors.


Showcase Print

My Showcase Prints are my special offering of open edition prints that I personally hand sign. These open edition Showcase prints, which measure 11”X14”are potentially unlimited in quantity but are created with the same technique and care as my Limited Edition Lithographs. These prints are double matted by my master framer with a Native American motif cut into the bottom of the mat and adorned with an authentic buffalo nickel.  These prints can either be purchased as a matted print only or can be purchased beautifully framed by my master framer. My Showcase Prints have been very popular with my collectors over the years and are a wonderful way of starting a collection of my art. They also make a perfect gift.


Artist Remarque

A remarque is an original drawing that I create in the border of each lithograph or giclee to personalize, enhance and authenticate a print. The Remarque usually depicts something that already exists in my painting or could be simply be part of my personal insignia. My remarques are usually small drawings of eagle feathers, buffalo or ancient petroglyphs.  Because a remarque is an original drawing and not a reproduction it adds additional value to the print as well as helps to distinguish the print from the rest of the edition.  Every Artist Proof, Limited Edition Lithograph, Paper Giclee and Canvas Giclee is personally remarqued.



I am very grateful to be working with my master framer for most of the duration of my art career. I have learned over the years that a good framer makes all the difference. What I absolutely love is the creativity, care and thought that they put into the presentation of each piece of my art. From the beautiful rustic frames to the intricately Southwestern cut mat designs to the choice of textured, archival mats, each print stands alone as truly a unique piece. There has always been a marriage between a finished piece of art and showcasing it well with the right mat and frame. If done poorly a wonderful piece of art is diminished. If done with excellence the life and spirit of the art is enhanced. The latter is what occurs whenever I give my framer the freedom to create the art of framing and I've never been disappointed.


Art Tiles

I am very proud  to offer my art on a series of ceramic collector tiles. The detail and vibrancy of color make my art come to life on these tiles. These gifts are an excellent way to share my art with a friend or start your own collection. Each of my tiles, measuring 6"X 8", makes a beautiful wall decoration or tabletop accessory with an easel backing and wallhanging hardware. All tiles are individually boxed and are proudly made in the USA.


Signature Apparel

I am very proud of the quality apparel I have to offer. From my signature t-shirts to my brand new long sleeve t-shirts to my comfortable hoodies, each garment captures the vivid imagery of my original art. There are several factors that make my signature apparel distinct and unique. To start, each garment is hand dyed giving it its subtle, organic and marbled look. Then a special technique is used, using only chemical free, water based inks to recreate my art on each garment. The results are twofold. First this process creates what is referred to as a "soft hand". Since the inks contain no harmful chemicals or plastisols there is no rough feel to my shirts. Secondly this environmentally friendly technique makes my signature apparel "green" which is a philosophy I very much believe in. Lastly all my apparel is created in the United States, supporting our own economy.



Every artist struggles with the tension that exists between the sacredness of their art and the commercial side of art and I am no exception. When I was an art student in college years ago I was, like many of my peers, a purist and art was all about passion and expression. I never gave thought to the wider world of marketing and brand building because my thoughts were consumed with creating meaningful art. Over the years after experiencing the pull of both worlds I've concluded that the goal of creating art at its deepest level is to share it with the world. Placing my art on quality products has ultimately allowed me to do this. I have seen this done both poorly, thus cheapening the art and I have also seen this done with integrity and class. As an artist my non-negotiables when considering showcasing my art on a gift product are these. Is the product of the highest quality? It is made in the USA? Does it represent the spirit of my art well? I have been aware that more often than not artists that pour their souls into their art and create works of excellence usually struggle to make a living with their art because the chasm that exists between their left brain and right brain seems too insurmountable to cross. Conversely I have seen much mediocre, soulless art succeed because the marketing mind behind the art understands how to navigate the high seas of marketing, branding and merchandising. At the end of the day I find comfort and encouragement in the fact that my art will reach thousands of people that I would never have the privilege to meet personally. In every one of my shirts that is worn with pride, in every one of my mugs that people choose to sip their favorite coffee out of, in every puzzle of mine that is spread across the family dining room table I am sharing myself through my art in a way that the art student I was half a lifetime ago could never have imagined.