Hallowed Harmony

If we look close enough at creation it is hard to deny a divine order in the world around us. The changing of the seasons and the migration of birds and animals all bear witness to a sacred rhythm that traces its pulse back to the very heart of the Creator. If we pause long enough to observe, there are many lessons to learn and truths to be discovered in the world of wonder we live in. 

Animals are worshipping creatures. They praise their Creator by being who they were created to be. The Creator gave each on a unique voice, a special movement, and an ingrained intelligence to guide them, and protect them so they could live in hallowed harmony on the earth. We in turn, worship our Creator by being who we were created to be; in right relationship with Him and others.

The Trinity of God has always been a profound mystery, but nevertheless the Creator has made Himself known in this way. As finite creatures we can never fully capture the Creator's fullness with words or concepts, but we can use them to construct images that can bridge the gap to our understanding of Him.

If God the Father were to be symbolized by an animal a buffalo would be fitting. A buffalo stands as the patriarch of the prairies, he guardian and the keeper of the plains. His powerful presence evokes a feeling of awe. When a herd of bison rumble their way across an open prairie, the ground beneath you feet is charged with thunder, as if one were standing on holy ground.

In the same way, God the Holy Spirit, could be symbolized by the bald eagle. When a bald eagle spreads out is majestic wings to fly, it must submit to the currents of the wind to suspend its body above the earth. In the same way we must surrender to God's Spirit in order to have peace and to soar above the storms of life.

Finally, God the Son, could very well be symbolized by the grey wolf. When Jesus Christ appeared in the very voice of God, took on flesh and the howl of God spilled upon the earth. For those who have ears to hear, His cry of love can be heard echoing in their very souls.