Signature Apparel

I am very proud of the quality apparel I have to offer. From my signature t-shirts to my brand new long sleeve t-shirts to my comfortable hoodies, each garment captures the vivid imagery of my original art. There are several factors that make my signature apparel distinct and unique. To start, each garment is hand dyed giving it its subtle, organic and marbled look. Then a special technique is used, using only chemical free, water based inks to recreate my art on each garment. The results are twofold. First this process creates what is referred to as a "soft hand". Since the inks contain no harmful chemicals or plastisols there is no rough feel to my shirts. Secondly this environmentally friendly technique makes my signature apparel "green" which is a philosophy I very much believe in. Lastly all my apparel is created in the United States, supporting our own economy.